APEC Logistics Assoc Benefits

Project ‘Compendium of Best Practices and Benefits of National Logistics Associations in Selected APEC Economies’

1. Australia is undertaking the above project to promote the collaboration between relevant government agencies and industry on logistics supply chain connectivity to improve transparency of the regulatory environment and increase awareness of these issues among government agencies and companies in selected APEC economies.

2. The project is being undertaken through a series of workshops (Melbourne; Bangkok; Hanoi) to develop a generic template of a national logistics association to assist Indonesia, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Vietnam to develop their own industry-based logistics associations to work in partnership between government and industry.

3. The project will also enable partner economies Australia, Singapore and Thailand to share information on measures to maximise benefits from the collaboration of government and industry on policies and regulations relating to transport logistics supply chain connectivity.

Final Report of the Overall Project, summarising outcomes from the three workshops below (Word Document)

Workshop One: Melbourne, 5-7 April 2011

Papers and Presentations:

Singaporean Presentation

Workshop Two: Bangkok, Thailand, 27 February – 2 March 2012

Papers and Presentations:

Workshop Three: Hanoi, Vietnam, 20-25 May 2012

Papers and Presentations:


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