Maritime Experts Group (MEG)
(Including Maritime Security Experts Sub-Group)

To promote through maritime policy development an efficient, safe, secure and competitive operating environment for maritime transport, including maritime auxiliary services, in the APEC region;

To increase ports’ capacity by improving the efficiency of ports and related activities in the APEC region;

To assist member economies in working towards the Bogor Goals in maritime transport;

To support member Economies in working cooperatively to develop and implement measures to strengthen maritime security in the APEC Region;

To achieve environmentally friendly development, safe shipping practice and protection of the marine environment.

Chair: Mr Takeshi Nakazaki, Japan ,Since Sep 2013
Deputy Chair: Mr.Tony Padilla, USA, Since Sep 2013

  • Maritime Security Sub-group (MEG-SEC):
  • APEC Port Services Network Sub-group :
    • Secretary General: Mr Fei Weijun, China ,Since 2012
    • Council President: Mr Tim Meisner, Canada , Since 2012

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