Modal Experts Groups

APEC Transportation Working Group

Lead Shepherd Ms Arlene Turner , Canada

Deputy Lead Shepherd: Mr. Jin-cheol Lee , Korea

Coordinator: Lindsay McLaren

Aviation Experts Group (AEG)

Chair: Ms Emily White, USA ,Since July 2009
Deputy Chair: Mr Sri Windrasari, Indonesia ,Since July 2009

  • Air Services Sub-group (AEG-SRV)
  • Aviation Safety Sub-group (AEG-SAF)
    • Chair - Ms Emily White, USA, Since July 2009
    • Deputy Chair: Mr.Yang Honghai, China, Since August 2012
  • Aviation Security Sub-group (AEG-SEC)
  • Taskforce on Aviation Emissions
    • Chair: Stepped down
    • Co-Chair: Stepped down

Maritime Experts Group (MEG)

Chair: Mr Takeshi Nakazaki, Japan, Since Sep 2013

Deputy Chair: Mr. Tony Padilla, USA, Since February 2012

  • Maritime Security Sub-group (MEG-SEC)

Land Experts Group (LEG)

Chair: Mr Marcus James, Australia, Since April 2012
Deputy Chair: Mr Junghoon Woo , Korea, Since Sep 2013

Intermodal and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Experts Group (IITSEG)

Chair: Mr Fei Weijun, China ,Since August 2012
Deputy Chair: Ms. Mimi Sukhdeo, Canada, Since August 2012

  • GNSS Implementation Team (GIT) Sub-group (IITSEG-GIT)

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