In addition to a number of other important management decisions made during its 11th meeting, the APEC Transportation Working Group (TPT) established three steering committees to begin operation in 1998. The steering committees - established to better coordinate and rationalise the TPT's numerous projects - are: 1) more competitive transportation industry (including infrastructure); 2) safe and environment-friendly transportation systems (including new technologies); and 3) human resources development (including training, research, and education).

At its 12th meeting, the TPT - in addition to selecting its Lead and Deputy Lead Shepherd - chose coordinators for each of the three Steering Committees. Korea will serve as coordinator for the competitive transportation industry steering committee; the United States will be coordinators for the safe and environmental-friendly transportation systems steering committee; and Australia is coordinator for the human resources development steering committee.

After a preliminary discussion of how the committees would operate and the issue of rationalising the number of TPT projects, the Working Group decided to draft a terms of reference as follows for the steering committees.

Terms of Reference


Lead economies for each project handled by a steering committee will be members of that steering committee. Other interested economies would also be free to participate in the discussions leading to the committee's recommendations arrived at by the core group. Economies that lead TPT projects are free to choose whomever they would like from their own economy to participate in the steering committee. Core members of each steering committee would change as projects are completed and/or others added to the TPT action program.


Each TPT steering committee would: 1) ensure that TPT projects under that steering committee's purview meet overall APEC goals (ie trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation and economic and technical cooperation) as well as TPT goals ( as indicated by APEC Ministers of Transport in the joint ministerial statements and in the transportation action Program); 2) develop and propose new projects as appropriate to meet APEC and TPT goals; 3) review the status of each project handled by that steering committee to assess and ensure progress, including intercessional communication with lead economies; 4) evaluate projects to determine those projects that could or should be terminated or combined with other TPT projects to rationalise and better coordinate TPT work; 5) determine areas of "overlap" with other APEC projects (ie those handled in other working groups or committees) and propose appropriate methods for coordinating in those areas (including the possibility of joint projects);6) determine those projects that need or require APEC funding (including those for which TILF funding should be requested) and make recommendations with respect to their prioritisation for consideration by the TPT; 7) ensure that all project budget proposals meet the TPT "new project proposals guidelines" (see TPT/WG12/PLEN/5.1c); and 8) encourage industry participation in TPT meetings and projects.

Role of Coordinator:

To take major responsibility for managing the issues and projects of the steering committee; and to work with other member economies was well as other APEC fora in accomplishing the steering committee's responsibilities as listed above.


The TPT steering committees will meet at least twice per year, during scheduled TPT biannual meetings. At the first TPT meeting of each year, steering committees should determine and rank those projects under their respective purviews to be considered by the full TPT for APEC funding. At the conclusion of the biannual steering committee meetings, Steering Committee Coordinators will meet with Shepherds and Heads of Delegations to review Steering Committee reports to the TPT plenary (see paragraph 15 of TPT/WG12/PLEN/5.1b/Rev.3), as well as any key issues to be decided upon at the plenary. Steering Committee Coordinators should also meet with each other once per year to coordinate regarding all TPT projects.

Steering Committee Coordinators, Shepherds and Heads of Delegations will review all aspects of the steering committees (such as Terms of Reference and Coordinators or each steering committee) every two years in conjunction with the election of Lead and Deputy Lead Shepherd and report their recommendations to the TPT plenary for discussion and formal approval.


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