Submission Form1 (submit a paper)

Submission Form2 (submit completed project information)

Step 1: Complete a Submission Form or held by your Head of Delegation (HOD) or economy coordinator.

Step 2: Forward the TPT-WG Paper and the completed Submission Form to your economy's HOD or coordinator. (Note: Only the coordinator or HOD can email the paper and the submission form to the Web Site Administrator)

Step 3: Your HOD or coordinator will ensure all TPT-WG Papers are approved and in the appropriate format.

Step 4: Your HOD or coordinator will email the TPT-WG Papers and the Submission Form to the Web Site Administrator. The TPT –WG Papers must be in emailed in Word 6, Excel 5 or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Step 5: The Web Site Administrator will place the paper on the web site. (Note: The paper will only be accepted by the Web Site Administrator when it is accompanied by a completed Submission Form.)

The Submission Form

The Submission Form tells the web site administrator where the paper should be located on the TPT-WG web site. The appropriate Steering Committee, Expert Group or Project homepage should be nominated on the Submission Form and whether the TPT-WG paper is an Intersessional or a Final paper or completed project information. The responsible HOD or coordinator must also be nominated on the Form.

Intersessional and Final Papers

Every Steering Committee, Expert Group or Project homepage has the headings Intersessional papers and Final papers for the next meeting on it.

Intersessional papers describes ‘work-in-progress’ papers. For example, requests for information, draft project proposals, draft papers open for comment and papers for discussion at the next TPT-WG meeting are intersessional papers. Please indicate on the submission form whether you are submitting a final paper which is replacing an Intersessional paper.

A complete list of final papers submitted for the next meeting can also be found on the Next Meeting page.

This page was last updated on 12 March, 2008


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