APEC Transportation Working Group

Established in 1991, the Transportation Working Group (TPT-WG) usually meets biannually to work towards trade liberalisation and facilitation in the transport sector, economic and technical assistance, and capacity building.  Important goals for the Working Group are to develop systems that ensure safe, secure, and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the region; and to assist with capacity building in developing economies to contribute to efficient, safe, secure and sustainable transport in the APEC region.

The TPT-WG works to achieve more efficient transport, while balancing the need for proper measures to ensure safety and security.  Objectives include to harmonise regulations where possible, to reduce practical barriers to efficient movement of passengers and freight, and to promote effective supply chains.

Chaired by Lead Shepherd (currently Canada), the TPT-WG (Chart below) is made up of Expert Groups on intermodal, land, aviation and maritime transport, with sub-groups of experts addressing aviation security, aviation safety, maritime security, road safety, vehicle standards harmonization and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

TPT-WG Organisation Chart

Terms of Reference of Experts Groups

Annual Workplans

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